Domestic Worship Communities Network

Ancient Faith Communities

What are Domestic Worship Communities

Domestic Worship Communities are networks of small Christian communities that gather to study and learn the authentic ancient faith of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Orthodox Church.  Emphasis is learning what the Church taught from the beginning that remains relevant today.

Domestic Worship Communities strive to build strong resilient connections of supportive Christian communities united in study, action, expression of traditional Christian values, and beliefs. 

Why Domestic Worship Communities?

Our vision is to create a network of small Domestic Worship Communities that unite us in the authentic apostolic orthodox faith. Domestic Worship Communities are an important defense against the intrusion of moral relativism and political correctness. We are ALL called to participate in society as salt and light in our cultures.

Domestic Worship Communities encourage insightful study of the history of early Christian beliefs and practices.

Come Join the Network

If you are interested in dedicating your time, energy, efforts, and creativity to learning and sharing the authenticity of ancient faith morals, values, and tradition; come help us build one of the most extensive and strong tradition Christian networks connecting ancient faith Christians worldwide.

Reach out and connect with us.

Blessings will be pentiful!!!!

Connecting People and Communities

The DWCN goal for 2015 is building 5,000 connections with traditional Christians globally. Our joint objective is to connection Christians in a Christocentric Chain ringing the world in Study, Prayer, Fellowship, Christian Action, Faith, and Worship.

In the Christian Year of 2016, we invite all DWCN connected Christians and domestic worship communities network members to join together for DWCN Annual Council in Tallahassee, Florida in celebration of 5,000 or more Christian Connections.

Following in the footsteps of the Apostles, let’s encircle the world with Christian faith -- just as they did!!!!!

To join us through Google+ @ Domestic Worship Communities and rediscover the ancient Christian faith.